Principles Of Accounting (9th Ed.) por Belverd E. Needles; Marian Powers;

Principles Of Accounting (9th Ed.) por Belverd E. Needles;                                                                                                                                                                    
                    Marian Powers;

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Principles of Accounting continues to lead the market with balanced, flexible content supported by an array of integrated print and technology supplements. Designed for both majors and non-majors, the new edition focuses on the relevance of accounting in business with an emphasis on decision-making and analysis. Whether an instructor wants to present a user or procedural orientation, incorporate new instructional strategies, develop students' core competencies, or integrate the latest technology into the classroom, the 2005e Edition provides a total solution. The integrated text and technology program engages students in relevant issues and themes, from the Enron crisis—which led to a series of amendments in accounting law—to the controversy surrounding stock options. New case studies, accompanied by provocative questions, help build critical thinking skills and connect accounting to the real world of business. New! Blackboard and WebCT CD-ROMs include customized course material and information, such as chapter overview/learning objectives, chapter and lecture outlines, key points and terms, chapter-based PowerPoint slides, chapter summaries, assignments, and Web links. The CD-ROMs also contain interactive exercises and self-test questions from the Student Study Guide. New! Three new video cases, bringing the total number of video cases to eight, are available on both the Student CD-ROM and the HM ClassPrep CD-ROM for instructors. New! The instructor web site features a collection of new essays that discuss current events and issues in accounting. These essays can be used as exam questions or extra-credit assignments. New! The chapter-based HMAccounting Tutor CD-ROM replaces the Accounting Transaction Tutor (ATT). Students can apply the readings for each chapter to a diagnostic test, a tutorial, an Internet assignment, and a demonstration problem (which includes animation and voice-over narrations). New! Stop and Think questions for each learning objective motivate students to read actively. These critical-thinking questions—each of which is accompanied by a short answer—can also be used as a review device or as a springboard for class discussions. New! Chapter-ending comparison cases ask students to analyze the most recent Walgreens and Toys "R" Us financial statements and draw conclusions as a financial analyst would. Students
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Autor (s): Belverd E. Needles; Marian Powers;
Título: Principles Of Accounting (9th Ed.)
Langue: Español
Formato: Epub

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